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pretty people

hi, I'm Jedidja but you can call me J.D or Diedje cause that's way easier
I'm 18, from Amsterdam!
this is my blog about people of who I think are beautiful in some way (don't always have to be looks)
so I don't mind if you tell me that YOU don't find that person beautiful but that won't change anything for me

I don't own anything on this blog and I don't reblog on this blog except for because i know the owner of that blog and I know that i've got those pictures from her

don't be sad if I don't give you credit
there's an ask box so whenever you feel like you deserve the credits just ask me for it..
I mostly don't remember where I got my pics from so don't get mad just ask politely
you can also submit a photo of course
and if you want credits then just put your link name in it and also put the name of person in the photo you're submitting cause I'd like the know people's name's if I like them.. thank you

if there's anything else then move your mouse to the ask button

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